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Promote Development that does not Destroy our Environment.

I do admire Wangari Mathai for her contribution to sustainable development, democracy and peace. I admire her for been the first female scholar from East and Central Africa to take a doctorate in biology and the fact that she was the first female professor ever in Kenya. I admire her mostly for playing an active part in the struggle for democracy in Kenya by belonging to the opposition to Daniel Arap Moi’s regime. I admire Wangari’s beautiful and brave moves and that has always motivated me to create my own beauty.

In Falsafa we always feel the need to advocate for Sustainable development. This is a type of development that meets the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs.
Kenya poses rich ecological knowledge. But what sort of environment do we desire? In most instances I don’t see our actions as a nation match our spoken desires and the written policies and laws in relation to environmental protection. We are banking on the fact that we have institutions that govern and manage our environment but the reality is, it is each and everyone’s responsibility to take care of our environment.

We ought to be more committed enough to conserve and protect the resources in our society.

Otieno, scale back on that car use. Live your car at home; walk or ride a bike to anywhere you can or make use of public means. Mwende, pay attention to your water use and learn to harvest rain water. Mwangi, learn the 3R’s; Reuse, Recycle and reduce. We cannot stop waste entirely but everyone can make a significant contribution. Don’t wait for NEMA to arrest you for using that plastic paper bag or wait for the Kenya Forest Service to demolish your home for encroaching forests. Kiprono, please take care of our wildlife don’t kill them. We need revenue form the tourist. Nasimiyu, reduce wasting food.

There is more to environmental issues than waste management and trees.
Think before you bin. Shop with the environment in mind. Reduce the use of fossil fuels. Before you cut down that tree remember about the fresh air you have always wanted. And be more Eco-friendly.
Let’s all not make excuses to doing nothing on taking care of our special home.

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