Get Involved in Trying to Make a Difference

I am going to spend this few minutes having this article up. I hope this are going to be the last time I spend talking about the problems caused by this big elephant in the room.  I would rather we spend more time talking about solutions. I have always felt that awareness on environmental questions has been overdone yet we always have appearance of new environmental problems and environmental degradation.

Recently I saw something on social media about Muranga the peeping desert. I hear rumors that the residents are trekking kilometers in search of water and how the residents are starving. The same Muranga Raila talked about. But I thought Raila was fighting for the Northern Water Collector Tunnel in Muranga? How about the Mt. Kenya illegal logging of trees or the charcoal burning saga in Kitui which has already become a political issue? How about the many other rivers including River Nyando drying up? How about the elephants been moved to Tsavo? The truth is, even the world’s major rivers are drying up and who is blame for this? Aren’t we, the most selfish God’s creation to blame for it?

It doesn’t matter who warned who? Or who listened because the fact is that we all in this problem together and we must come up with solutions as soon as possible on how to survive with this monster, Climate Change. We must be ready, now more than ever to work with nature and not against it.

Also I have another issue with us Kenyans being asked us to direct our energy to development projects and not politics? To start with, most of us think that environmental crisis is the consequence to our very existing problems from food insecurity, to water scarcity and poverty. But this is a very big mistake to think of it that way. Our economic and especially the social crisis are the problem. When we valued the economic progress at the expense of safeguarding the environment that is where the crisis began. Secondly, I believe that in a democratic country we can enable high levels of innovation and respond quickly to challenges. However, this can only be achieved if there is justice, legitimacy and transparency achieved by democratic contests. If we are capable of safeguarding our constitution we can also make the achievement of sustainable development fairer, more widely justified, and accepted.

We will be having more conversations on the solutions in the next articles and I would also love to learn a thing or two from you as well….